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It feels good when your phone buzzes and you see you have a new follower. Despite anti social media rhetoric, and whether we’d like to admit it or not, most of us dream of a high follower count. Who knew the letter ‘k,’ or a blue check would hold such significance in our culture. But now that they do, let’s discuss why you have no followers. It can be frustrating to compare yourself to influencers who have already ‘made it’ and it’s an oversimplification to say they were ‘lucky’ or that they’re ‘famous for no reason.’

Being bothered about someone else’s success is not only a bad look, it also has nothing to do with your own success or lack thereof. The solution to your dilemma lies in the answer to the following question:

Would you follow yourself? 🤷‍♂️

Probably not. You might think you would. After all, you lead an interesting life, you're sociable and well liked, you may even post engaging or interesting content from time to time. Evaluate your Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, whatever. In an alternate universe, if a random human was running the exact same page as you, I would bet money that you wouldn’t follow it.

Think of accounts that you do follow (besides friends of course). Maybe it’s your favorite photographer, music artist, fitness fanatic, or dog. Why do you engage with some of your favorite creators? Their pages likely exhibit some of the same essential traits:

1. Post Consistently

Consistency is key! Any creator will tell you to post on some degree of a schedule. Treat your social media platform like a television network. People have expectations, they won’t follow you because they liked just one of your videos. The rule of 7 is commonly used in advertising and essentially means that a consumer on average must receive a message 7 times before they take action on that idea and buy a product or service. If you are posting consistently, viewers that enjoy your content will have no choice but to follow you.

2... 3... 4... ETC

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Incorporating some of these hallmarks into your own social media presence will increase your odds of attracting new followers. Remember, before you expect a complete stranger to follow you, let alone thousands of strangers, first ask yourself ‘Would I follow myself?’ Once the answer is yes, you’ve tackled the first step to attract new followers. Now you can focus on other ways to grow your social media presence:

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